we made this. (film is truth alley, 2005)

and we made this.

(film is truth alley, 2007, in protest of removal of the above)

we didn't make this, but I'd like to shake the hand of the person who did.
it was exactly what I needed.
(on a door behind new consignment/antique shop on Cornwall, 2007)


Karl said...

Yeah, the art fell off when we washed the side of our building (for our anniversary). It stayed up for a couple of years, though, which is pretty good for public art.

I am disappointed to learn that the new piece is intended to be a criticism of us.

Owner, Film is Truth

amelia k. bowler said...

it's not at all intended to be a criticism of Film is Truth -- more a response to the universe regarding the disappearance of the first piece. half of the fun of wheatpaste is that it usually is so temporary --they get ripped up for fun, painted over (sad: as you know, water does the job)-- it's always a game to see how long it'll last. we were rather sentimentally attached to that one, while at the same time suspending our disbelief at its lasting so long.

we chose to decorate your building because we love you guys. I'm very flattered that you took the time to read and respond to this.


Karl said...

Heh -- well, okay, then!