bringing back first base

intensely inspired by this post, a few friends and I recently staged a twelve-hour public makeout. E's class had rented out a downtown space for a gallery show, and I wiggled my way in under the guise of "collaboration."

so friday the 14th of March, 2008, we set up in a massive window and started kissing. we had at least one couple kissing from noon until midnight -- needless to say, hour eleven was epic.

much love and thanks for the general broadmindedness, amazing hearts, and even better lips of many friends, without whom I would have been up the proverbial creek with a broken jaw for a paddle.

stayed tuned for possible future projects, including a twelve-hour makeoutdoors (Boulevard Park this summer?) and a makeout flash-mob (not for 12 hours, we'd all go to jail).


cozy pictures

Photos of my recent tree cozy installation in downtown Bellingham. They lived on Railroad Avenue from the evening of Friday, January 11th 2008 until the morning of Monday, January 14th, 2008, at which point they were presumably cut down by the city.
Many thanks to my dear E for taking these pictures, and Western Washington University ATUS (where he borrowed this fantastic camera), for unwittingly aiding in the illegal decoration of our fine city -- or its documentation, anyway.

my favorite of all five cozies, made with care from the leftover bits of five projects:

Coming soon: poem for the luckiest tree.